How To Negotiate An Auto Body Shops Warranty To Meet Your Needs. (How to get the best in the body shop business)

The average local body shop closest to you, will probably have a “lifetime warranty” that states that they will warranty their collision repair or auto body repair so long as you retain ownership of the vehicle. That sounds like a great deal, but the truth is, the choice of  nearby body shops
will not only affect you, but the person or auto dealer you will sell the vehicle to.

After an accident  that the police or authorities document, there’s a 99.9% chance that it will be recorded on Carfax or Autocheck  especially if substantial collision repair  will be needed.

Some auto body collision repair shops will report the amount of damage  if their DRP contract with the Insurance companies require them too. DO NOT be shocked that the value of your vehicle is destroyed by going to a body shop near you that the insurance company recommends.

Ok, back to why it’s important why you should choose a good body shop around your area that offers a TRANFERABLE LIFETIME AUTO WARRANTY. First  it shows that they are confident and proud of the auto body repair work they provide. 

Secondly, you’ll be able to tell the person or auto dealer/ dealership that you chose the best  high quality body shop near you to repair your collision damage and they get the warranty with the vehicle. IF they have any problems, they can bring it back to the body shop and receive exactly the same high quality auto body service as if they were the original vehicle owner.

TIP: take your vehicle into the body shop for inspection or a FREE estimate.(The better the inspection the more you’ll save) If you already have an auto body repair estimate from your insurance company, be sure to bring it with you. 

After they look at your car / truck, you should ask to go over the warranty first and see if the insurance companies parts can be covered under their warranty.  You may find that the parts on the insurance estimate don’t qualify as they are too cheap or are actually incorrect for your vehicle.

IF, the body shop’s quality exceeds the Insurance companies policy allowed parts, you can ask for a parts upgrade and a deductible waiver or have the warranty modified to cover those parts. We recommend that you ask for the best high quality OEM or equivalent auto body parts.

Waive your deductible body shop or No Deductible body shops near you are still held to the same high ICAR  and vehicle manufacturer standards as all other high end / high quality body shops near you. The One And Only Reason a body shop or collision repair shop offers it is because they do Not and Are Not controlled by an Insurance company that took your  savings for themselves. Independent local body shops can give the savings directly to You.

Again, the best way to handle a body shop is to actually go into their repair facility and tell them what  or how you want your car or truck repaired and if low cost ,cheap price or high quality is your top consideration. If your top desire is high quality collision repair on a high end vehicle, the you’re in the right shop and no questions have to be asked. you will receive the best auto body collision repair possible AND you can still enjoy deductible assistance.

Low cost auto body shop repairs are achieved by saving your deductible and manipulating labor costs without compromising quality. There are like kind and quality parts that can be utilized with some extra work on shopping for them, negotiating and double checking them for correct fit.

Lowest price auto body repairs are achieved by finding out what your minimum auto body or collision repair standards are. You have to sign off on repair procedures that are recommended and you decline.

An example would be if blending panels for exact color match would be suggested, but you simply want the vehicle to be as close as possible without it as it’s a vehicle (starter car) for your son or daughter and they’ll probably cause more damage again later or you simply don’t want to pay for “perfect”.

By waiving your deductible, saving your deductible, discounting your deductible or saving on it, you can now enjoy high quality auto body shop repairs at the lowest cost to you or the lowest price if you have it applied to your out of pocket cost, just Ask once you are there.

Come on in to your local Phoenix, Glendale, AZ body shop near you to get High Quality auto Body Shop repairs AND your deductible waived. Call Now!


Posted by DMA Auto Body & Collision Repair on March 8, 2021