How do body shops Waive Your Deductible- Are you ready for the truth?

The first thing you must know is, when it’s 100 % legal, it’s actually based on discounts (Not scamming Insurance companies). Depending on the auto body shop you choose near you, they can give you their discounts from their parts vendors ,paint suppliers or both. Since Collision centers can operate at a labor rate that suits them and their business model, you may even get a reduced labor rate that helps minimize or even eliminate your insurance deductible obligation.


IMPORTANT!  – You should find the body shops near you that waive deductibles and then CHECK YELP out for the last 2-3 years reviews. IF they have more negative than good positive reviews…think about how Those poor people gambled, ended up there and losing money like you might.

A: Bring your vehicle in to the shop –  The more damage we find the more you Save

B: The better we repair your vehicle, the more you Save and the Happier you’ll be.

SECRETS: – Here’s a couple little know secrets about your insurance deductible.

#1 if you are found at fault for the accident or loss, before you ever get a check from an insurance company, your obligation to “pay your deductible has Already been met.

That means you now only owe the auto body shop. You are 100% free to choose us and save. 

#2 If you are smart, Don’t Go to the repair facility the insurance company controls, you have no further obligation to follow their rules except for not lying or causing more damage to your vehicle for profit.

The agreement  / contract you sign with your shop of choice is now just between the two of you because Your deductible responsibility has been taken care of.

Ok, remember the part about Not lying or causing more damage so you can profit? That’s where it’s an “illegal” way to waive your deductible. You must stay away from shady  auto body repair shops that would do that ,ask you to do that or knowingly allow you to do that.

Unless you’re an expert liar, attorney or crooked insurance agent Don’t try it. You don’t have to!.

 You may be tempted to play fast  and loose and want a local body shop to ” negotiate” with you that way, but you may find yourself in a lawsuit you didn’t expect… Don’t Do It!. There are options you have that are perfectly acceptable and legal…Not all body shops know them, be careful.

You can have Great savings And Safe High Quality collision repair.


Competition is steep and never ending. Like any other business, they must attract new customers, but not at the expense of your safety or their reputation  . Insurance company adjusters or appraisers know the ones they need to keep an eye on or warn you about, Just don’t fall for being sold to go to one of their “preferred / “safe” shops.

There are No savings, discounts or considerations allowed by going to an insurance referred auto body shop.You Must accept aftermarket parts (No Choice), your vehicle value will go down and you’ll still be surcharged, plus your premiums will rise. 

You can get guaranteed better results, choices ,savings and spoil yourself or family. 

If you can afford the $500.00 or $1000 , the most affordable  body shop near you will be the one that gives you a HUGE break. Make sure you come meet us so you Know the real deal to be had. If you call us first and have $4,500 to $9,500 in damages , now you’re talking about Not a single cent out of pocket which means No deductible and 100% affordable.  

Deductibles are waived legally and just to make yourself feel even better,, check the  Boulder City to Henderson to North Las Vegas   area for high quality auto body collision shops repair near you.

Just type in waive deductible body shops.IF you find Any law that makes giving you a discount & (absorbing /paying your deductible for you) an Illegal practice,send us the law.   We’ve got a $500 gift for you for the the very first to provide that info. It’s been 13+ years with no winners- .

IF you value truth, quality, convenience and savings, go to and call us or use our contact email –  DMA Autobody / Solutionz IS A **Best Deal** Auto Body Shop Near You! Contact Us Now. 

Posted by DMA Auto Body & Collision Repair on December 16, 2020