You have found The body Shop That Saves Deductibles for you in Henderson, Las Vegas, Paradise, Winchester, Sunrise manor, Boulder and Beyond.

Can a Body Shop Save Your Deductible and How Do they do it? –  First, I’ll explain what your deductible is and how body shops Save, Waive, Discount or Rebate them.

Your deductible is the part of  the total cost of the estimate that by policy (contract) you agreed to accept / pay as your responsibility you caused or suffered, but utilize for quicker relief against the other person and then get paid back through your insurance company. The amount  they take off the total repair cost is your deductible, We will happily help you with that.

When a body shop saves your deductible for you, they have chosen to save and deduct some of  your cost of the estimate amount from their profit .By deducting an amount equal to or up to your deductible agreement, the shop saves you from paying your deductible. Be it by waiving, paying, saving or rebating it, they effectively lower your cost regardless of the price of complete repair.

How to choose the body shop simply takes typing in the search words, body shop that saves my deductible near me. Those are not the only words you can use, there are others like “Save Deductible Body Shop”, “No Deductible Body Shop,” Waive Deductible Body Shop”, Low Cost Body Shop, Low Price Body Shop or even Discount Body Shop. To be more specific, you can also include your town or city like: Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Avondale, Scottsdale, Surprise, Tempe, or just “near me”.

In these unprecedented times of Covid19 Pandemic, restaurant / bar / food industry workers have taken the first economic hit and the first responders have suffered the health consequences. We are making extra special considerations for these people and any and all affected by this epidemic.

We were and are the first and best body shop in the valley to help people in this way. You can be sure you have found “THE” BODY SHOP THAT SAVES YOUR DEDUCTIBLE.

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Posted by DMA Auto Body & Collision Repair on December 23, 2020